A place for Celebration

On November 17, 2009, in Life, Twitter, by Aritra Sen

Sorry to disappoint you first, after reading this you will not have a place where you can go and celebrate events. I will blog about  a virtual place where you can always stay, enjoy and celebrate any event like we did in children’s day.I am talking about Twitter. On 14th of this month we Tweeps celebrated the Children’s Day by changing our DP i.e our profile’s Display picture to our sweet cute little kid picture. My timeline of Twitter was filled with all cerelac baby tweeps . It was a great feeling. It was like going back to your childhood with the help of ‘TwitterTimeMachine’.
The Day Sachin scored 175 against I was traveling in train that time the only thing I was having to know about the Score and match updates was my Twitter timeline. I know it’s not better than watching the match live on TV but trust me it was better than any TV commentators commentary or going through any other live cricket score site. Because of all those tweets #Sachin or #SachinIsGod became the no-3 trending topic in Twitter.To me It was a great tribute from all Sachin’s fan. To my knowledge there is no other celebrity or Indian person even came close to reach trending topics. Another instance which is coming to my mind is our Independence Day that day my timeline was flooded with all India tweets and India was in the top 10 trending topics.
Twitter is one gem of a place to celebrate and share along with your followers. When I am in this place I never feel lonely or lack of friends. Thanks to Twitter I came to know so many beautiful people through Twitter….Twitter you beauty.



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