Domain Fuss

On November 29, 2009, in Denken, by Aritra Sen

Well there was a huge fuss in getting this Domain.My friends Nishant and Bastab me told about the sites to buy Domain.I knew that  sites accepts debit card,So first I went with Done with the registration and form fill up for my domain,I came to payment part where I was not getting any Debit card option.Then I asked my friend Agniva,who have Credit Card.He gave me all the all the credentials of his Credit Card.As some weird thing always happens in this Digital world.I could not buy with those credentials though those credentials were right.Then I tried out to link my debit card or his credit card in my Paypal account,which was a effort gone in vain.

Then I came to where you will get a option to select your country currency,So I thought they would accept Debit card and again in this site I have done the registration and  form fill up and when I came to the payment section in Twitter language you can say this effort as #fail.

In similar way I have tried out other Indian sites also which I can’t remember now and the problem with them was that either they were not accepting Debit Card or charges were too high.

At last I came to,when I called them they told me at first they accepts Debit card but when I came to the payment section there was no Debit Card option,Then I called them again and they told me to deposit cash in either HDFC/ICICI bank and in the next morning I have deposited the cash and they gave me the Domain  within few hours and that was a huge relief.Trust me  the customer support of indialinks is excellent.The problem is that in every site I have registered with my official email id and my inbox is getting filled with their offers everyday but I guess I can afford this after all this fuss.



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