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On December 1, 2009, in Denken, by Aritra Sen

Well visitors here and my friends were asking me what is this DENKEN is all about? So I am writing this to let you all know about DENKEN.

The word ‘Denken’ means ‘Thought’ in German. I am aware of the fact that verbs change with respect to noun in German language. ‘I think’ would have been ‘ Ich Denke’ but I never wanted mine to be a stereo typical site where I just post whatever I feel like without giving much attention to what other people might think. I do not want this site to be an one-way traffic. I want to communicate with people through this site. Thats why I selected ‘Denken’ – which is usually used to represent the collective thoughts of a group of people. So I named this site ‘Denken’ to acknowledge the fact that it contains all of our thoughts and not just mine.

Let me clear one thing that I don’t know German language but It’s my Twitter friend Eniyavan Sivaji (@Eniyavan) who is from Chennai and now in Germany doing his masters helped me a great deal to increase my German vocabulary.Thanks to him.



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