Spare a thought(Denken)

On October 23, 2009, in Denken, India, Life, by Aritra Sen

Flag_of_Norway.svgNorway is a country in Northern Europe and majority of its portion shares it border with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Today it ranks as the wealthiest country in the world as a result of large oil deposits.Few days back Some Doctors mainly a group of social workers were in my place. They were here to provide free medical checkups for the distress people. That day I had a conversation with a Norwegian lady.She told me that she was fascinated by the people of India.I was interested to know about her country. She shared a lot about Norway but the most remarkable thing was to me that- School education is free of cost. Everybody has to go school up to 15 years and if they does not go to school parents would be responsible.Let me tell you that it’s a crime in Norway and police will file a report against the parents and this is mainly why the literacy rate in Norway is 100%(In India Currently about 70 million children receive no schooling, and more than a third of the population is illiterate.). She also told me that Norway spends  7.6% of its GDP on education(India spends a little over 3% of its GDP on education).

Yes it’s an abrupt end….



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