1st #Siliguritweetup(14th October,Cosmos-CCD)

On October 19, 2009, in Experience, Twitter, by Aritra Sen
created by Bastab Chakraborty

created by Bastab Chakraborty

Siliguri my birth place.Siliguri-‘The Gateway of North East India’ because of its  geostrategic importance as it connects three borders-Bangladesh, China, and Nepal.Now Siliguri has achieved the position of second largest city in the West Bengal with a population of 1,22,0275 (according to 2001 census) Going further ahead Siliguri is now considered as one of the fastest growing city in the country.

On 14th October Siliguri hosted the 3rd Tweetup in West Bengal.There was two Tweetup in Kolkata before this-1st-21st July: MCD, Parkstreet .2nd-27th October: Madox on nabomi.

For my friends who don’t know what Tweetup is?Its a meet up for the Twitter users(Tweeps) from a same geographic location to discuss stuffs and to have a hangout

Our place of Tweetup was Cosmos,CCD.Me and Bastab(@bassyc) were planning to organize a tweetup in Siliguri and that came true with six tweeps attending the tweetup.Siliguri with not a huge amount of Twitterholic people we are so happy with the outcome.I know one day will come when Siliguri people will be more in twitter and Tweetups will be a frequent thing so we Tweeps were proud of the fact that we were present in the 1st#Siliguritweetup.In Tweetup we discussed stuffs like Blogging, GoogleWave, Silverlight, individual twitter experience and for new Tweeps out there-few Twitter tips and what you can extract from Twitter.That day we came to each other very well and was a great hangout.The first product of that Tweetup is DENKEN-my all new blog and I would like to thank Bastab for this.We considered that as a successful Tweetup as Tweeps enjoyed a lot.

#siliguri tweeps

#siliguri tweeps

My non Twitterholic friends always wonder-why am i keep banging on them to become a regular Twitter user(friends I am not working in twitter that is only for your sake).I always want spread it because you can get each and everything from Twitter.Hoping that 2nd #Siliguritweetup will be a massive success with a good number of Tweeps.

tweeps attended the tweetup: @bassyc(Bastab Chakraborty) @samrat_slg(Samrat Sarkar) @soumyadiprocks (Soumyadip Ghosh) @seriousjoker111 (Abhimanyu Mazumdar) @suman sengupta87 (Suman Sengupta) and @aritrasen



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