Are we Unbiased?

On October 24, 2009, in Denken, Experience, India, by Aritra Sen

The above question is not for electronics transistors. It’s for all of us. Now and then we came across some situations when ours opinion really counts. Do we always stand unbiased in those situations? Do we always support the right option without any biasness? Speaking about biasness first thing comes in mind is ‘Media’. Now-a-days you get to see some private newspapers and TV news channels completely biased to a political party and this is just because, those Media newspapers and channels are getting mighty amount of financial support from respective political parties. We also get to see some people who are supporting a political party for ages. Supporting a political party is not a crime but the problem is that those people just tends to ignore the wrong doings of that political party and supports that party blindly and keep on watching /reading those biased medias. Generally we tend to give support and priority to our kith and kin in different sectors mainly in job sectors. You will see that some people are just a recommendation away to get a job.

Though staying unbiased always does not help others, sometimes we need to get involved into certain situations to support the right person. Few folks do not protest or get involved into the wrong doings just to stay out. They start to ponder about the consequences what is not desirable.

I know that a blog post will not get rid of these things. But we definitely need to get rid of those.



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