Google wave the current buzz which has hit the internet shores.It was launched on 30th September.I got google wave invitation on 3rd November and yesterday I got the privilege to send wave invites.So far I have sent 6 wave invites to my friends. So I am writing this to let them know about the features of wave.Google wave is mainly for Real-time Communication.

To start a conversation with your friend or friends first you have to create a wave by clicking the new wave button.A wave like a entire IM history.You can include so many users in a single wave it’s like having a group chat.Every line typed in wave is called Blip .Stunning feature of google wave is Edit’,when you will be waving with your friends you will be able see each letter typing in real-time.At the time of waving you can also share files with drag and drop feature.You can also send offline blips in wave and can answer them when other participants in the wave are offline.At the time of waving you can also create a poll with options yes/no/may be.


Adding members in wave after clicking the plus button

Another two features are ‘Play’and ‘Edit’.When you are waving you can edit the whole wave.If you are in a long wave and you want to see the previous Blips then you have Play,Forward,Back.Pause options in a wave.Its like you and your friend having a 1 year long conversation in a single wave and suddenly you want to see what you waved about 3 months ago then you can use these options.Also like your friends have asked you three questions and you can go to each questions and you can answer each questions right below.

Showing New wave and Play option

‘Robots’ and ‘Extensions’ these are two things you can add when you are waving.Robots like Tweety(with this you can tweet from google wave) WaveEmail and Emaily Robot(allows you to send and receive mails in wave) Aunt Rossie(Aunt Rosie will automatically insert a language drop down into your blip when you’ve typed enough for her to recognize your language. Select the language you’d like to translate to and she’ll reply with the translation) etc.You can also add google maps and other gadgets into your wave.


Showing the editing wave feature

Google wave is still a new thing to me so I will be adding the features.

If you want wave invitation please drop me a mail with your Gmail id in mail@aritrasen.com