Orkut my first social site.Orkut my first friend connector.Orkut has started to roll out the new version.I got it today luckily.After using it first thing came to my mind was -‘boy what a copy of facebook/Twitter’.The survey which was published in Yahoo.Orkut was not featured in the top 50 sites of the world.Twitter was the no-6 and Facebook was the no-31 site.Twitter/Facebook is killing orkut big time.I think this is the one last try from orkut.Here I am listing some features of new orkut:

new orkut status

Status Message:This time Orkut giving immense value to the status updates.Now You can comment in others status updates just like Facebook where as Twitter is fully dependent upon status updates.Place to post your commentsOne Stop Shop : In the home page you will get everything.From Home page you can access so many thing like Gmail,Maps,News,Shopping, Scrap,Profile,Albums,Updates.

New Search: Two types of search in home pagesearch

Friends And Community Browsing: From home page now you can browse all your friends and community.

Browser in My friends

Faster Browsing and Photo Uploading:In this new Orkut you will experience faster browsing and faster photo uploading.