The Alma Mater & Reunion

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Well some of my school friends Love to use the abbreviating form of our school name but I will not and say it loud & with great pride-Tarai Tara Pada Adarsha Vidyalaya because I love my school days and ‘those were the best days of my life’.May be that is why suddenly on September 22nd Morning , I had this idea of having a school reunion.It was in the pick of my thoughts that I contacted my couple of friends for confirmation & created a Facebook Event.Now-a-days nothing is better than circulating an idea & get response easily in Social Media.So far the response has been good from members & around 40 people accepted the invitation.We are hoping for further more entries.

In school, we all the students read in a spirit of togetherness. We forget their joys and sorrows. We read together, play together and sit together.So many transformation we came across in our school life starting half pants being converted to full pants & for ladies they officially stars wearing Sarees 🙂 My School days has been quite enjoyable & this is mainly because of the friends I was lucky to have.They have been still part of my life.In our school from class 11 & 12 we do come across a huge paradigm shift here here our educations becomes co-education & School days that time has been the most joyful moments of existence, filled with many mysteries to solve and many fights to resolve.I will believe we all still remember our Excursion.I will not talk about other memorable incidents & events of our school as now we have 12th October to talk & cherish all this.

It is always nostalgic to think of the past life especially our school days.No one in this world is happy but when we friends sit together & talks about our school days & few of the incidents – it always brings a great delight & joy in us.Lots of memories we cherish about our school life.

Join us in our school Reunion in our School itself to re-live those days when with so many others things we also learnt Sleeping without being caught,Texting without looking & Team Work on tests.Lets show this team work once again & make this reunion a successful one.I believe we have lots memories & incidents to share about our school life on that day & most importantly we all will have the chance to meet our good old school friends.Now we have another reason to make this Durga Puja a bit more memorable.

Event Details ->

Date: 12th October,2013

Place: Tarai Tara Pada Adarsha Vidyalaya

Timing: 12 to 4 PM.

Facebook Event Page:   TTAB 2005 Passout Batch School Reunion

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  1. Arindam says:

    only 2005 batch dada??? Can’t we join???

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