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After long time here I am writing about me. Today I will write about my college life. If I ask you which life you have enjoyed (or you are enjoying) at most school or life what would be your answer? I know it’s a tricky one and the result would be an even steven one.

But for me school is the winner with so many reasons behind it. Well my college life was a strange one. In one way I can say it was my biggest learning curve so far and in other way I can say it was a very dull period of my life. I was the same guy from first year to third year. In first year I was having mighty home-sickness. From fourth year onwards I have started to change in a big way. Mainly I have enjoyed my last year because I took a decision at the end of third year, which was not an easy one for me. In first three years I hardly made a good friend as I have seldom talked with anyone except my mess mates. Actually they also found me strange enough. In my college few know me because our team won the robbo soccer championship in college fest.They took me as a self-centered guy who hardly takes any side. That time I used to miss my school friends to share my problems. Yes I was weak that time but not weak enough to effect my carrier or others peace. Actually it was that sort of situation when you are in a hole and you cannot come up neither you can go deep. That time I was reluctant to make new friends and share my problems. I used to fight with myself .But trust me or not I still love those day, I learnt a lot from those days. I am what I am only because of that period.

At last at the end of third year I got the strength to come out. From fourth year onwards I am that school boy-Aritra who was always cheerful, who may not have the greatest sense of humor but with not a bad one, who loves to spend time with friends.

Now I am enjoying life at its peak but we tend to miss that pain which made you strong.


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  1. saurangshu says:

    Aritra, for me its college any day… Its the best phase of my life and gifted me some wonderful friends and memory… trust me I still miss AEC, Jublee and the life in college… Also by and large Asansol in general.. Court more, Manoj, Chitra, Market, Banpur, Riverside gal’s hostel :P, everything is still fresh in memory and I am proud and honored that I am an alumni of AEC…
    Many things have changed since college but not the feeling.. 🙂

    We all change bro… change is important… just make sure its for the best..

    Nice post… tc 🙂

  2. megha says:

    nice post. I didn’t enjoy my school days. College nd hostel life was much better.

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