Lucky(Crazy) Me

On December 21, 2009, in Aritra Sen, Experience, by Aritra Sen

Well I am still laughing as I am writing this post.In this post you will see the heights of my luck as well as craziness.Well my close friends and my Twitter friends how Twitterholic I am.Yesterday When I was Tweeting from my mobile in the afternoon and I went into toilet while I was Tweeting through Gprs(Crazy me).

Certainly my mobile dropped into the water tub and that word came into my mouth,with a split of a second I picked up my mobile and switched it off and removed the battery.After wiping out all the water I switched it on and It was working fine and I thanked the all mighty heart out and I told myself that I will never ever entertain my thoughts of Tweeting from toilet 😛 .

After few hours My mobile got switched off automatically and I failed to switch it on again.Then I called my friend Tamoghno who has a great knowledge in mobile phones.He told me to put my mobile deep into a rice bag.When I woke up in the morning,straight a way I went to dig my mobile from the rice bag after that surprisingly my mobile was working fine(Lucky Me).I hope my phone is out of “DANGER ZONE”.


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