A dreadful experience

On November 7, 2009, in Experience, India, Life, by Aritra Sen

In Last few days I was reading ‘2 states’ by Chetan Bhagat.In that book you will get a detail description about the culture and people of Chennai city. When I was going through that book my terrible experience of Chennai was flashing out. In January this year I was in Chennai with my family for my dad’s spine surgery. My dad was admitted in the Apollo hospital and my mom was with him. I was going to Apollo hospital from Chennai central in a ‘BUS’. That time I have gone into the bus by front door. I was standing in the middle of the bus then the bus conductor came to me and asked me something in Tamil. As usual I could not figure out what he was saying, first I have told him in English then in Hindi that I don’t know Tamil as I am not from this state and I want to go Apollo hospital, what is the bus fare?  But he also cloud not figure out what I was trying to say.

That time I was expecting the same thing what we experience in West Bengal that you can give the fare when the conductor comes to you or you can go to him and give the fare later. After few minutes bus stopped at a stoppage and a cop came to me. He said something in Tamil and signaled me come out of the bus. For five minutes or so he was saying something to me which I could not figure out .In the mean time the bus went away from that place. As that cop was having communication problem with me another cop came to me who could speak in English. He explained me what has happened. According to him I have done a crime and I have to give Rs 500 fine or I have to spend a whole day in jail. The crime is that “in Chennai you have to enter the bus from the back door and while entering you have to give the fare to conductor who is seating right next to the back door”-according to the cop. I have explained him the whole matter that I was about to give the fair and I was having communication problem with the conductor as I am not from this state. I have also told him that I do not know this rule so how could you impose the rule on to me?  I had a argue with him for next 10 minutes but he did not agree with me. So I had to give him the fine. This is one mighty dreadful experience of my life because of the communication problem. I think most of us have faced this communication problem when they were in South India.



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