My feedback about RT feature

On November 22, 2009, in Tech off, Twitter, by Aritra Sen

Twitter Recently added the retweet button to the most the tweeps profile.I got it also and yesterday I have given my feedback to Twitter.This retweet project from Twitter is all about making the RT thing official from there side.In this feature you got two new things in your profile a retweet button and retweet section just below the favorites section.When you will click this retweet section u will get three sections-Retweets by others,Retweets by you and Your tweets retweeted.The good thing is that you will get to see who many tweets have retweeted a tweet.

Another thing is that they ask you before you are retweeting a tweet.To me its just a extra step.
My feedback was upon three points:

1.It is so disappointing that we can’t edit the original tweet.We can’t even add our own comment to that tweet.

2.Retweets done from the official site does not appear in the other Twitter applications like Tweetdeck,Seesmic,Snaptu etc.So if you are using this applications you wont be able to see retweets coming from the site.

3.To me its a bit hectic to check the retweet section.Previously RT’s which I got,used to appear in my @aritrasen which was a simpler thing to me.

I hope that we will get to see some manipulations in this retweet project to make it perfect.


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6 Responses to “My feedback about RT feature”

  1. Eniyavan says:

    Nice feedback dude.. MY feedback was so similar to yours 🙂 Hope they are listening 🙂

  2. Sourav says:

    I am also not impressed by this RT feature, but tell me one thing what is the section “Retweets by others, it is always empty!”

  3. yup it sucks !!! especially when people tweet nonsense things which u dont wanna see in your timeline ..

  4. proma says:

    even i also feel the same. a. sometimes the RT section is nothing but unwanted and a forceful focus to some tweets.

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