A Voyage

About Me?Do you want to know “Who Am I?”.Well here I will take you through the ‘sea’ called ‘Aritra’.Sometimes this sea was smooth enough to help others and me to sail through and sometimes it was full of tides but as they say-“Sailing times dependent on the tide”.So trust me those tides were the best thing happened in my gain from your experience and defeats.Speaking About the tide,boat,sea-Do you know the meaning of ‘ARITRA‘?It means the “base of a boat” i.e. support.My close friends can only confirm you this meaning stands for me or not.Well in my life my friends always played a major role.I can’t express in words.The amount of support I got from my friends so far is huge and I have learnt a lot from them.Some of those are not with me now but those who are now I know always they will be with me.

Dont’ know why I love to help others kinda got pleasure in that.So beware If I am helping you with small thing then I am not doing you any favor.Good friends?I have very few and we care about each others a lot.Well some of my school friends Love to use the abbreviating form of our school name but i will not and say it loud-Tarai Tara Pada Adarsha Vidyalaya because I love my school days and have enjoyed my school days more than the college day.I know it sounds strange.

I will be Keep updating as the DENKEN keeps coming in my mind.

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