I tried to do it in windows 7 and it was not working for me.May work for you in windows 7 but I recommend to use windows xp operating system while rooting.

Download the below required softwares:


RevolutionaryCyanogenMod homescreen

ROM downgrader




Through out the procedure keep USB debugging enabled.

Step 1:
First you need check what hboot version you have in your wildfire, turn off the device, when rebooting hold the power and volume down button together.If you are in Froyo and Hboot version is 1.01.002 then first you need to downgrade your hboot version to 1.01.0001

This is the step to downgrade hboot:

a)Uninstall HTC Sync and install HTC driver(available in buzz downgrader folder)Extract buzz downgrader in a newly created folder.

b)Run adb.exe (phone need to be connected in ‘charge only’) and then run step1.bat as administrator wait for completion.

c)Phone need to be mounted as Disk drive,make sure memory card is inserted in the phone.Run gold card.exe as administrator.Click on the ‘Get CID’ button button and wait for completion.Copy the “Reversing CID” not the normal cid.Click on the “Gold card generating link” a web page will come give email address and paste the “Reversing CID” into the SD serial box and they will send you the .img file.Download the .img attachment.

Get back to the Gold card tool load the the goldcard.img click refresh to select your phone’s mirco SD card.Now press “Patch MMC” if errors are there then try again otherwise your Micro SD is compatible.

d)After completion close the gold card tool and and put your phone back to ‘charge only’ mood.

e)Now run step2.bat as an administrator.If error are there then try again otherwise try again.

Now check the Hboot version whether it is 1.01.002 or not.If it is 1.01.001 then you are done with step1 else you have missed something and try again.


a) After downloading revolutionary a web page will come fill in the details by selecting your phone model and giving phone serial no.If you give the details correctly you will get a unique beta key.Copy this key.

b)Launch revolutionary.exe and when asked for type the beta key you obtained from last step.  Wait for the completion and when asked for question type “y”.

c)Wait for completion in this time phone will reboot couple times.When done with this procedure turn off your phone reboot phone by holding the power button and the volume down button together.if you see the word revolutionary highlited in pink then you are successfully done with step2.

To know what Revolutionary does refer this Link


Make sure you have uninstalled HTC Sync and HTC driver before this doing the Step 3.

a)Download USB drivers and extract them on desktop. Turn off your phone and boot into HBOOT by holding the VOLUME DOWN + POWER button. Connect your phone to your PC and it will show “drivers installing” .When prompted , install the drivers by going to device manager and browsing to the folder where you extracted the drivers. Once installed, disconnect and reboot your phone normally.Once done you will see your phone recognized as “Android bootloader interface“.

b)Now we will downgrade your phone from Froyo(2.2.1) to Eclair(2.1).Download the RUU ROM downgrader(Link given in the starting).Set your your phone to charge only and double RUU rom.exe.Follow the on screen instructions and then let it install.After completion your phone will reboot to 2.1.The HBOOT version would be now 0.80.0002.Disconnect your phone

c)Download unrevoked (Link given in the starting) Run it and connect your phone.After this rooting will start and wait for  completion. Now Clockworkmod recovery would be installed on your phone.Reboot your phone-volume up/down button is for navigation and power button takes you back to the menu.Once rebooted you would be able to see superuserapp in your wildfire and your phone is now rooted.

Installing Cyanogenmod 7:

Download the latest version of Cyanogenmod (Link given in the starting) and get the information about latest developments here in Cyanogenmod Wiki

1)Transfer the downloaded zip file into your phone’s SD card.

2)Reboot your phone into ClockworkMod Recovery(booting by holding the VOLUME DOWN + POWER button and clicking on recovery)

  • select option data/factory setting.
  • select wipe cache partition.
  • select install from memory card.
  • select choose zip from sd card.
  • select the particular zip file and let it install.
  • select choose zip from from sd card.choose the zip file and let it install.Once the installation has finished, get back to the main menu by clicking the POWER button and select the Reboot system now option.

Now your should boot into Cyanogenmod.Enjoy custom ROM.


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  1. miras says:

    sure…brother…!!…n i vl rply u after compltn

  2. miras says:

    brother..kamran…finally succeed wid ur guidence!!…a million of thanx to u brother!!…thanx alot…but i wants to be ur friend:))…!!

  3. Vandeput says:


    I followed your guidence, but after doing to RUU my touchscreen of my HTC Wildfire doesn’t work anymore… So I’m not able to continue. Do you have a solution for this? It there a tool to go back to 2.2.1 ?



  4. Shadman says:

    where do u download abd.exe

  5. PRAJWAL says:

    can i restore my phone back to default factory settings if i want to after rooting my phone by following the above steps….

  6. Sojt_87 says:

    Thnx, man. )))

  7. anyell says:

    wew. i tried it once and its a triump! haha thanks a lot dude GODSPEED :))

  8. dddg67 says:

    What can i do if i have hboot 1.02.0000 on my wildfire?

    • FelixJ20000 says:

      Doesn’t matter.
      Just follow the instructions.

      • Kalidas Shenoy says:

        Hey I’m facing the same problem. I did follow each and every step and everything was successful as per my PC but my phone’s still showing HBOOT 1.02.0000 :\

      • Kalidas Shenoy says:

        Hey! I started Step2.bat as a normal user and not as an Administrator and it worked 🙂

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  10. FelixJ20000 says:

    Clockworkmod recovery won’t work

  11. FelixJ20000 says:

    All done!

  12. Sabya says:

    I am getting error as “adb not recognized as internal or external command”

  13. michal says:

    Thanks a lot man, i followed your instructions and I’m running on the stable release of Cyanogenmod 7.2 🙂

  14. htc_wildfire says:

    Hi, I followed the tutorial.
    Now i got -revolutionary- S-OFF
    HBOOT 6.01.1002 on my htc wildfire 2.2.1
    But when I click on RUU rom.exe then it is not detecting my device giving error[170] USB connection error. because of this I’m unable to root my device.
    I’ve tried RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.14.405.2_R_Radio_13.45.55.24_3.35.15.31_release_130814_signed (2)
    Please Help.
    Thanks in advance!

  15. Wilson says:

    Another happy user here following your guide. the best !!

  16. Shobhit Saxena says:

    I have searched the web for long time for finding the accurate process.
    You have made such a nice description of the process. It worked for me smoothly.
    But in the cynogenmod step you have left the point to made selection from track tackball instead of power button.

  17. Pee jay says:

    tnx its work for…

  18. Vaishnav says:

    When i Run the step1.bat file after adb.exe it says adb is not recognized as internal or external me here..Also im trying this is windows 7..

  19. sidd says:

    hey i have windows 7 installed my htc hboot is 1.01.002
    i completed the STEP 1 but still hboot is not dowgrading
    please help

  20. sly says:

    At the end of all steps, will my fone still be on eclair or froyo

  21. Neelank Sachan says:

    while running step1.bat, an error is coming that says another emulator running
    but it shows success
    when i click on get CID, it says unable to get CID

  22. Calance says:

    oh my god, it works like a charm !! thx bro, the best guide ever !!! Sorry for my bad english 😛

  23. Praveen says:

    Hiiii….I’m using HTC wildfire..i followed ur instructions..but i can’t able to degrade 0002 to 0001..i can’t clear step 1 itself..plsssss anyone help me..

  24. Praveen says:

    anyone tell me how to install Htc sync ??

  25. htmg says:

    special thank you so much !

  26. alex egbo says:

    hi thank you so far, please i am in the 3rd stage running unrivoke so at a stage it reads validation error : backup CID missing, it it stopped there. please what can I DO. THANK YOU IN ANTICIPATION.

  27. kushal says:

    after running gold card.exe m getting ‘failed to get cid’ !!!! plz help someone!

  28. doan says:

    my HBOOT is 1.01.0000
    what do I do in this case?
    help me in making it 1.01.0001 or 1.01.0002 or even 0.80.0002


  29. Tom says:


    I did all the steps you said and revolutionary is in pink in HBoot mode. I’ve installed the USB drivers. But when I plug my phone via USB cable into the phone it doesnt say “drivers installing”.

    Please help!! 🙁

  30. pagolup says: worked a treat. just followed each step cautiously and got it done

  31. Kunal says:

    all done……….its easy to root under your guidance….thanks buddy……thanks a lot………

  32. suman says:

    i got win7 64 bit, so does this means all the apps necessary doesnt works well for me? i need to use xp again? 🙁

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    Fantastic directions!!! You made my life much much easier. Thank you!!

  35. Hman says:

    What a great guide ….. Thanks a lot !!!!

  36. Baliram says:


    I tried to root my HTC wildfire. After finishing the first step also the HBOOT version is 1.02.

    Can anyone help me in this???

  37. maaz says:

    please help me……
    i got the cid but i cant find the link from where i can get the gold card
    i shall b very thankful to you please help me out

  38. Zolo says:

    You have to S-Off, and install ruu, (older software)

  39. Muhammad Hammad says:

    Hello Does It Required Unlocked Bootloader…. coz i dnt know how to unlock it can you do it for me using team viewer admin….

  40. Fabz says:

    How are you first off thanks i installed CM7 in my wildfire Buzz. But i got an issue i cannot play any games after i installed i get an error. The application Space Maze (process has stopped unexpectedly) n FORCE CLOSE… this is with any game i install.
    Please help me out as soon as possible as to i m new at this

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  42. shekhar says:

    android downgrade is not done…..

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