Python Tutorials – 1.6 – Class and Instances

On October 19, 2017, in Python, by Aritra Sen

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Python Tutorials – 1.5 – Numpy

On October 11, 2017, in Python, by Aritra Sen

Numpy is the short form of ‘Numerical Python‘. This is one library you should learn if you are interested in Data Science with Python. The core of Numpy is it’s N-Dimension Array which is similar to List but has many advance over List like –

  • More compact.
  • Faster access in Reading and writing items.
  • Ease of doing element wise operation in Numpy.
  • Numpy has inbuilt functions to do mathematical operations on arrays.

As we are using Jupyter notebook from Anaconda , Numpy library is already installed in Anaconda. But we need to import the Numpy library. Now lets look into the Numpy array , it’s advantages over list and different available functionalities of Numpy.


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In this tutorial we will look into the code – to do sorting on different Python objects.

Also we will look into use of Zip function and how this function can be applied to the dictionary to get the min , max and sort by key/values.


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In Python we have many built-in functions like print() , len() but we can define our own reusable functions which can perform user defined set of operations.

How to define a function:

  • function definition starts with def keyword and followed by function name & ()
  • Within the () we write the input parameters.
  • Followed by : and indentation , we should avoid wrong indentation to avoid code error.
  • end with an optional return statement to return the values from where the function was called , this also exists the function.

Below is an example in the form of code.

Lambda Expression/Functions (Anonymous Functions): 

  • This type functions does not have any names and does not start with def keyword.
  • Lambda functions takes any number of arguments and returns only one value in the form of expression.
  • This function will have only one line.
  • Syntax – lambda arguments: expression
  • Lambda functions are used in combination with in built map & filter functions.
  • Also used in sorting operations.

Now lets look at examples in code & see how to use Lambda expression/functions –

In Maps and filters , we can use other in built or user defined functions.

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Python Tutorials – 1.2 – DataTypes Conversion and Loops

On September 23, 2017, in Python, by Aritra Sen

When you are playing with data , you will come across with the situations when you need to do datatype conversion , there are several built in functions which can help us perform this activity. Below , I have given few examples –

Whenever you want to run a block of code again and again you need to run loops , below are different types of loop available in Python –


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Python Tutorials – 1.1 – Variables and Data Types

On September 19, 2017, in Python, by Aritra Sen

Before starting with Python Variables, let’s look into the different mathematical operations you can do in Python.

Python is not strictly typed language , so you don’t need declare the type of the variable and then use.You can straightway assign the values of variables and python will understand the type of the variables. Below are types of variables –

  • Numbers
  • String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary

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Python Tutorials – 1.0 – Getting Started

On September 18, 2017, in Uncategorized, by Aritra Sen

From the mid of this year , I found my new interest and i.e. Data Science , I should say Data Science with Python. Though I am just a beginner in this field but the more you share your knowledge , the more it benefits you.

This would be a series of tutorials where I will share and increase my knowledge for Python. May be if it goes well , I will be share my small knowledge of Data Science which I gathered so far.

Why Python?

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum. Python is a general purpose – open source, easy to learn language which now being used in various field like –

  • Data Science
  • Deep Learning
  • Web development
  • Web scrapping
  • Game development  and this list is never ending.

Along with Python has a number of standard libraries which makes life of a programmer much easier since you don’t have to write all the code yourself. For example to call a web-service in Python you need to write hardly 4/5 lines of code.

Or by using scikit learn library you can create robust data science model very easily.

Python Interpreted Language:

C, C++ is complied language but Python is a Interpreted language. In complied language compiler first compiles the whole program then run the program , however in Python the interpreter will parse the language line by line.

Next article would be Python data types and variables.

Note : In this tutorial series , we will use Python 3 and Jupyter notebook which comes with Anaconda-  4.4.0.


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Well I am a big Android fan boy , most of the posts in my blog are related to Android. It was last year when I decided to buy low budget Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 520 to try out Windows Phone. As the days went by my experience with Windows Phone was not up-to the mark (As an Android user will always feel). Recently my Lumia 520 received Windows 8.1 OS update.This update is quite impressive and brought some of the required features which was missing in Windows Phone 8.Here I will take you through couple of new features that Windows Phone 8.1 brings supported by Lumia 520.

1.Action Centre and Notifications:With this 8.1 update Microsoft brought most awaited feature i.e. Action Centre which allows    users to get the Notifications related to calls , SMS , WhatsApp , E-Mails , IM Notifications.

Actions Centre also gives quick access to Wifi Setting , Blue Tooth , Flight Mode  and Auto Rotation lock options. This actions are also customizable.

From Home Screen you can easily access Action Centre with easy swipe down gesture which similar to Android or iOS feature.

For every specific apps you can turn on or off notifications, you can also choose whether to see banner alerts at the top of the screen or not.

2. New Word Flow Key Board:  Well in Android we can easily download and install custom Key Boards like Swype , SwiftKey

KeyBoard. I always thought that a combination of Swype (where the user enters words by sliding a finger or stylus from the first letter of a word to its last letter)  and SwiftKey Board (that delivers the best next-word prediction, smarter autocorrect) would be the best.

In Windows Phone you will not get the choice of downloading custom keyboards but with Windows Phone 8.1 update the inbuilt keyboard is quite powerful , which I believe has both the features of Swype and SwiftKey. I am quite impressed with Word Flow Keyboard’s next word prediction and it almost every time gives you the correct prediction of next word.

Microsoft claims that the Word Flow Keyboard is one of the ‘most intuitive smartphone keyboards’ and learns from users writing style and the WordFlow key board supports 16 languages.

3. FM Radio: In Windows Phone 8.1 update Microsoft updated the FM Radio app , now the app is longer present under the Music App & it can be accessed as a standalone app. Microsoft also added switch to speaker settings by which you can listen to the Radio through speakers also.

FM Radio

Screenshot Capture

Calendar Week View with Weather App













4. Screenshot Capture Option: Now you have to press Volume Up + Power Button to capture screenshot.

5. Calender App Updated: In Built Calender App has been updated/redesigned (with Google and other calender support) and now it has impressive features and views.The App shows a week view, along with a weather widget which has been integrated into the Calendar app. It will show at the top & app also allows you to select day/month/week/year view.


6. Themes, Home Screen Back ground & Tiles:  With this update now you change the background image of the start screen , You can change the size & number of titles available in your start screen.

The other great customization feature is the option to set up custom backgrounds for the lock screen. Small, but totally needed feature to make Windows Phone truly personal.


Theme Settings

Skype Integration













7. Skype Integration: With WP 8.1 update the new Skype app for Windows Phone 8.1 comes with dialler integration that allows a user to switch a regular call to a Skype video call with a click of a button.


Couple of  other Key updates in Windows Phone 8.1:

Battery Saver App


  • Battery Saver App to monitor which apps consumes how much battery.It also has app exclusion list.
  • Though in Lumia 520 Cortana app is not available but according Microsoft this is the next big thing.This App is similar to Android’s Google Now or iPhone’s Siri.This App is powered by Bing.
  • Comes with Internet Explorer 11 with improved features for browsing.
  • Contact List sorting with those with Phone Numbers , Call Duration feature.
  • Separate volume controls for ringtones/notifications and music/media.
  • Built in VPN support.
  • New Re-design for Store.
  • Facebook app comes with OS, updates independently, hooks into OS.
  • Redesign for Camera App with Burst Mode.


One thing that I love about Windows phone that after any OS – Update your phone remains the same with all the old data , contact , apps which is not like Android OS update where the phone goes through a complete formatting.




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The Alma Mater & Reunion

On September 30, 2013, in Aritra Sen, Experience, Life, by Aritra Sen

Image Courtesy: Sukanta Sir

Well some of my school friends Love to use the abbreviating form of our school name but I will not and say it loud & with great pride-Tarai Tara Pada Adarsha Vidyalaya because I love my school days and ‘those were the best days of my life’.May be that is why suddenly on September 22nd Morning , I had this idea of having a school reunion.It was in the pick of my thoughts that I contacted my couple of friends for confirmation & created a Facebook Event.Now-a-days nothing is better than circulating an idea & get response easily in Social Media.So far the response has been good from members & around 40 people accepted the invitation.We are hoping for further more entries.

In school, we all the students read in a spirit of togetherness. We forget their joys and sorrows. We read together, play together and sit together.So many transformation we came across in our school life starting half pants being converted to full pants & for ladies they officially stars wearing Sarees 🙂 My School days has been quite enjoyable & this is mainly because of the friends I was lucky to have.They have been still part of my life.In our school from class 11 & 12 we do come across a huge paradigm shift here here our educations becomes co-education & School days that time has been the most joyful moments of existence, filled with many mysteries to solve and many fights to resolve.I will believe we all still remember our Excursion.I will not talk about other memorable incidents & events of our school as now we have 12th October to talk & cherish all this.

It is always nostalgic to think of the past life especially our school days.No one in this world is happy but when we friends sit together & talks about our school days & few of the incidents – it always brings a great delight & joy in us.Lots of memories we cherish about our school life.

Join us in our school Reunion in our School itself to re-live those days when with so many others things we also learnt Sleeping without being caught,Texting without looking & Team Work on tests.Lets show this team work once again & make this reunion a successful one.I believe we have lots memories & incidents to share about our school life on that day & most importantly we all will have the chance to meet our good old school friends.Now we have another reason to make this Durga Puja a bit more memorable.

Event Details ->

Date: 12th October,2013

Place: Tarai Tara Pada Adarsha Vidyalaya

Timing: 12 to 4 PM.

Facebook Event Page:   TTAB 2005 Passout Batch School Reunion

Do share your share your thoughts, comments & suggestions below.



Android Apps-You must have

On June 5, 2012, in Android, Experience, Tech off, by Aritra Sen

My last post about Android was How to root HTC Wildfire 2.2.1 and Install Cyanogenmod and I am so happy to see the response for this post.Glad to see that so many people have successfully rooted wildfire and now enjoying the power of Cyanogenmod using the guide.

Recently few of my friends started using Android phone and I believe this post would help them to gather information about useful Android apps and to get the most out of Android.

So I am sharing couple Android I use daily and productively(I am not including the pre installed applications that comes with stock rom and custom rom applications). Direct download links(From Google Play) are provided with Application name.

1. Advance Task Killer and Smart RAM Booster :  Though Android is working on improving the battery life with newer versions of Android OS but till 2.3 lesser battery life is an worry. These two apps can improve your phone’s battery life significantly with it’s background task killing capabilities.You need to enable automatic task killing in settings like for Advance task killer – set the auto killing frequency to  ‘when screen off ‘. Smart RAM Booster helps to speed up your phone, Do enable Auto Boost in the application settings.

2.1 click clear: Helps you to clear the Cache memory to speed up the phone operations and also cleans up the Residual files from SD card.

3.QuickPic: If your phone’s default photo viewer or gallery operations are taking huge time then use this application for faster photo browsing.

4. Camera 360: My phone doesn’t support Instagram photo sharing app , So I was  searching for a different photo enhancing and photo sharing application and I got this amazing camera app. Click the photo from this applications and then enhance the quality with different effects available(I love LOMO and RANDOM effects).

P.S: If your phone supports Instagram then use it.

5.TouchPal Contacts: You can easily replace your phone’s default dialer with this applications for Fast contact search and also shows the registered location of phone number/operator name when someone calls you.

6. MightyText: Easily one of my most favorite Android application(helps me to tackle with my laziness while browsing :-p) .After installing this application in phone, install the chrome add in in your computer.Helps to receive and send sms from my chorme browser while I am browsing in my computer.This app also gives you call alerts right into your browser.

7. DoubleTwistPlayer and Mx Player : DoubleTwist is good alternative for your default music player and Mx Player plays almost all the video formats with the extra add ons.

8. WhatsApp: Well you can only get addicted to this application after you use.Becoming the most famous and easiest mode of text communication, from which you can also share contacts and other attachments.

9.Evernote:  Evernote lets you take notes(Like Addresses), capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely accessible from web, Computer and phone.

10.Swype: A must have applications for the WhatsApp and SSM addicts for faster typing.

11.TweetDeck ,Facebook ,FacebookMessanger ,Foursquare Social Networking applications.I use TweetDeck to simultaneously post in Twitter and Facebook.

12. Dropbox with DropSync: Dropbox with DropSync gives you the power true two way data synchronization for your phone with your computer.

13.Trillian: An excellent multi platform chat client , You can log into Gtalk, Facebook , YM etc at one go.

14.Wapedia: For faster searching of Wikipedia contents.

15.OperaMini Browser: The best alternative for your default browser that comes with Stock ROM.

16.IndRail: The best application to get information about Indian Railway(s) such as current PNR Status, Seat Availability, Fare Enquiry, Train Routes, and information of any train.

17.ThinkFree Office Mobile: Create, view, edit Microsoft office components and you can also view PDF files through this application.

18.CamScanner: Through this application you can scan multiple page documents and can upload any could storage like Dropbox.

In future If I come across more useful Android applications I will be adding in this list.

You can also share your applications by commenting below.

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