On February 25, 2010, in Denken, India, by Aritra Sen

My College friend Soumyadeep who is a massive football freak used to ask me Why I am not writing anything about Cricket here in Denken that time I told him that I will write but it would require a special moment.Well my close friends and family members know how Cricket freak I am.This my first Cricket post on my blog.Wrote a lot about me/Social networking sites/Tech topics but this is time just could not resist myself to write post about Cricket and about our Little Master SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR.Really it took a knock like that caliber from Sachin to get the Cricket side of me on my blog.

If you are regular Tweep then you should know that there is a #Tag for Sachin which is #SachinIsGod and its so true because If Cricket is religion in India then surely #SachinIsGod.

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#MyNameIs Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and I am the greatest ODI player ever.

All Day I Dream About Sports(Adidas) is the perfect makers name for Sachin’s bat.

Let me tell you why this knock is so special:

1.First ever double hundred in ODI.

2.Highest individual Score in ODI beating previous best of  Charles Conventry’s(Vs Bangladesh) and Saeed Anwar’s(Vs India) 194.

3.He ran through out his innings with out any runner.(Saeed Anwar used runner).

4.It was a perfect innings because no drop catches or no getting out in no balls etc.

5.Innings came against a top quality fielding and blowing side(ICC no 1 Rank bowler is in South Africa’s squad).

Well previously we used to remember Sachin who gave as Titan cup by bowling in the last over,the guy who used to come in Shane Warne’s nightmare,for his destructive innings at Sharjah,the most run getter in world cups but this knock is something special and which will remain in memory forever.It was a true fact that sometimes Sachin failed to come good in final but in recent times he played some match wining innings in finals,most recently his two crucial knocks in final helped us to win VB series,which is to me India’s most important ODI tournament win in last decade.You have to admire Sachin’s everything,Mostly his dedication towards game and his stamina to cop up with pressure.As Ravi Shastri said correctly Sachin is the most Greedy boy in cricket field.You just have to admire how Sachin came back after his Tenis elbow and back injuries(these two injuries almost ended his cricket carrier).At that time of  Tenis elbow Sachin once said that there is power is his elbow so its just that his dedication towards this great game that inspired him to come back with a bang.

Ending this with a hope that Sachin would get his 100th International century very soon and also that the stage:-“2011 world cup  final in his home ground” is all set for him to pick up the trophy for all of us Indian 🙂


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4 Responses to “#SachinIsGod”

  1. Sourav Ghosh says:

    Great post buddy. Though I missed this historic match but thanks to all my twitter friends, I got live twomentry (twitter-commentary). Best thing I like about Sachin is that “Every time he competes himself” He reminds me of some lines I have read somewhere “There is no nobility in being superior to some other person, true nobility lies in being superior to your former self”

  2. Eniyavan says:

    Amazing writeup on Sachin dude… It really has been a great come back from the elbow injury. Everbody wrote him off but he has done amazingly well in proving every1 wrong. Its very sad to see that even after contributing so much for Indian cricket and achieving almost all the milestones possible in world cricket he still has to prove people wrong.

    Its gud to see u mention his 2 innings in VB cup finals. I also share the same thought. I get so irritated when ppl say that he hasnt played match winnings innings. Am sure hes gonna get 100 intl centuries before he retires but i hope he gets it soon 🙂

    I feel so blessed for having watched Sachin, Saurav, Dravid, kumble and Laxman all play at the same time.

  3. saket says:

    great post buddy! i am a cricket freak as well and hence liked your post………cricket has been religion and tendulkar is there since i stopped believing in god 7 years back

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